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11 October 2018 by GOD Alastera -

Welcome to Alastera

Alastera is a project of months of development.
We are a fully customized otserver of high exp with exclusive monsters, quests, system, sprites and items.
Our goal is to become a big server, so will never restart or make any drastic changes in server structure.
Any suggestions you have to improve the game you can contact us. We hope you enjoy :)

Server started: 12/10/2018

More info? Read our Wiki Page

Diesel Resets: 608
Diezel Resets: 512
Lawzy Resets: 471
Gimmy Resets: 428
Sasza Resets: 401
Shazam Resets: 400
Ilya Resets: 337
Gedupuxu Resets: 251
Loomek Resets: 249
Whoknows Resets: 236